Dad’s role in a daughter’s life

May 28, 2019

There is something incomparably precious about the relationship between a daughter and her daddy. While the mom is often considered the essential ingredient in a happy home, psychologists say that a healthy father-daughter relationship is key for developing a girl’s positive self-esteem.

For little girls, dad is the first male figure in her life. Dad’s have an underrated but significant role to play in helping their daughters to foster a positive self image and in an age of selfies and social media, this has never been more crucial than it is today.

The fact is that daughters need father figures who are engaged and intentional. Not all little girls have the privilege of a present father in their home and that’s when community is important – a grandfather, or uncle, or family friend should step in and fulfill that role as best they can.

Ways to engage:

  • Speak to and about your daughter positively. Let her know that you see her as a valuable person with much to offer the world. Ask her opinion and really listen when she gives it.
  • Spend one on one time with her. Daddy dates have become popular in recent years and with good reason. A daddy date is a time for a father figure and his daughter to spend time together doing something that is fun for her during which she gets his undivided attention and he gets to show her how a good man treats a lady.
  • Affirm her femininity. Femininity is about far more than looking pretty, and yet just about every little girl still does want to hear that she is pretty in her father’s sight. Affirm her modesty to show her that despite social pressure to the contrary, it’s plausible to dress with dignity and be beautiful.
  • Go shopping with her every now and then and show her what you think is beautiful – and if she agrees – treat her.

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