We are what we wear and the same goes for our children

May 14, 2019

Recently I sat outside a ballet class watching a little boy running around rowdily whooping and shouting. His mom kept trying to quieten him with zero success. As he tore past me for the umpteenth time, I had to smile noticing his t-shirt which read “I bring the noise”. True that!

Fashionistas claim that you are what you wear and while that is perhaps putting it a little strongly, there is some truth to the point that what you wear says something about you.

I’m sure the ballet moms who spotted the shirt enjoyed the irony as much as I did, after all, affectionately labeling a kid as noisy is surely harmless enough. But it did get me thinking more about what sort of things kids have splashed across their torsos.

In recent years the sexualization of children has seen little girls wearing tops emblazoned with slogans like “eye candy”, “hot stuff” and “future WAG”.

Anna van Heeswijk, of Object, which campaigns against the sexual objectification of women, cautions that the early sexualization of girls is far from harmless.

“It is time to put an end to women and girls being viewed, treated, portrayed and groomed into sexual objects through clothing ranges like these,” she said.

Less shockingly, young girls can commonly be seen wearing clothes labeling them as “sweet” and “gorgeous” and while such labels are arguably true of every child, surely our ambitions for our children could be a little higher.

The Little Miss Mogul brand was born for this very reason.

A mogul is an important or powerful person and that is what we are declaring our daughters to be. That children are sweet and gorgeous is a given, but we believe that they are far more than that. We believe that the sky is the limit for today’s daughters and we want to see them believing it too.

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